The motto that reigns in every Neapolitan kitchen is: Quality in Quantity. Being able to say for sure which is the best Neapolitan dish is difficult for anyone. On the other hand, it is easy to say which is the most famous, exported, copied, revisited and personalized: pizza!

Since cooking and preparing dishes have always been an exciting union between pleasure and culture, we offer our courses to anyone who wants to learn their secrets, from housewives to singles, from young people to professional cooks.

Led by professional chefs, you have the opportunity to learn the necessary notions. The cooking classes of the Neapolis Master Class are mainly celebration, a riot of flavors and sharing.

At the end of the lessons there is the possibility to taste the cooked dishes together by commenting and sharing experiences with the other participants.

The meal “Luculliano”
The Neapolitan people have always been recognized as a pleasure-loving people. Lucullus and Trimalcione also lived in Naples for a long time. The legendary villa of Lucullus, in the first century BC, stretched from the slopes of Mount Echia to the islet of Megaride (today Borgo Marinari) and was the maximum expression of the culinary pomp.

Lucio Licino Lucullo (Roman general, then retired to private life in Naples) became so famous because of his banquets, so much so that still today there exists – in Italian – the adjective “Luculliano” to indicate a particularly abundant and delicious meal.

The content of our lessons
Hot and cold appetizers, first courses of pasta, second courses of meat or fish, side dishes and delicacies to get to desserts.

There are easy Neapolitan recipes and some more complicated that require longer preparations.

We open all the secrets, we provide you with tricks and tips, we explain the ingredients and spices to enable you to prepare the main recipes of the Neapolitan cuisine independently.